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Your service  to the  crossroads of quality and creativity!

As a booming animation and design studio located in the city of Douala, Cross Virtue offers a wide range of services, particularly in 3D animation. Since the creation of our studio, we have been perfecting our art and trying out combinations of different artistic disciplines. Our animators work diligently every day to constantly improve their artistic style in order to meet your requirements. Browse our site to find out more.

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"To know you have to listen, to understand you have to see"

The visual is becoming more and more essential when it comes to seduce and challenge a target today. This is why Cross Virtue has given itself the task of supporting you in the production of all your different animation videos. So do not hesitate to contact us if necessary, we will be proud to put our skills at your service. In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of our animation style and our approach.

Collègues de Ouf !!!
Présentation Pays CAN 2021
Trailer Beer / Bande Annonce Bière
Wait is not Be lazy

Appearances are only deceiving when details are ignored!

For the creation of your Logos, posters and others, just think of  Cross Virtue ! And yes, we are made up of a team that excels in the art of bringing out the details that make up your identity! While waiting for you to feel like it, take a sneak peek at some of our achievements.

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Découvrez nos différents projets personnels en cours, nos long et court métrages en réalisation.

Vous souhaitez participer ?! Vous êtes Sponsor ou en quête de visibilité ?! Nous vous donnons la possibilité d'incruster efficacement vos Marques et Produits dans nos différentes animations.

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